Art Contest

The Witch It Art Contest has ended & Winner Announcement!

Thanks to everyone who participated.

We proudly announce the following winners:


Mr. Steve, Erika Lochs & Yevseyka 


The artworks of all three winners have been implemented to the game! They will also receive their keys for the Witch It Early Access version.

Honorable Mention

We enjoyed the funny style of this artwork by user Hex and even though it didn’t met all of our criterias to be fitting for the game, he will receive a key for the Early Access version of Witch It.


Every participator will be granted with guaranteed Beta Access as soon as the Beta goes live!

Thanks for being an awesome community!

The Witch It Art Contest 2017

Your art ingame! Show us your creativity and you’ll get rewarded! Create something that could be a painting on a wall in “Witch It”. Additionally, your nickname will be added as a prop name for your painting. It doesn’t have to be a painting strictly, just be creative! The winner will be announced on April 23rd 2017.

Participate on Twitter OR in our Witch It Discord Server

TWITTER participation requirements

⦁ Use the hashtag #witchitcontest in your entry post, so we can easily find it
⦁ Like and Retweet the contest post

DISCORD participation requirements

⦁ use the #art-contest channel to post your entry
(posting it in other channels, may cause confusion and the entry will be disqualified)
⦁ but don’t discuss entries in the #art-contest channel! If you want to discuss entries, please head over to one of our other channels!


⦁ the picture can be a character, an animal, a landscape, an object, whatever you like as long as it could be part of the world of Witch It
⦁ you have to own the full rights to your image, e.g. using pictures from other people from the web is not allowed (using screenshots from Witch It is ok)
⦁ offensive content is not allowed
⦁ resolution size minimum is 128×128 pixel
⦁ entry file format must be .jpg or .png
⦁ make sure it fits the art style of “Witch It”, remember: we’ve got 3d content, but with pixelated textures and a general cartoony style, e.g. a realistic high-rez photograph will not have chances to win
⦁ the number of entries per user is limited to 5
⦁ you must agree, that we can use your creation in the future in any form


⦁ the winner* will receive a steam key for the Early Access Version
⦁ the winner entry will be added as a picture to the game as a playable prop
⦁ this prop will be named with your nickname (make sure your nickname is not offensive)

* We reserve the right to choose more than 1 entry

Beginning: March 21st 2017
Deadline: April 21st 2017 23:00 GMT+1