Patch Notes

Patch 0.7.2

The Halloween event is over now. 🙁

All remaining ‘Ectoplasm’ will be converted for you the next time you start the game.

-Added: 2 new prop layouts to ‘Kula Kula Islands’

-Added: 2 new prop layouts to ‘Sleeping Rose Cemetery’

-Added: new ‘Fiskersted’ themed Props

-Changed: Overhauled the ‘Fiskersted‘ map

-Changed: ‘Barrel Layout‘ of ‘Fiskersted‘

-Changed: Menu visuals have been updated

-Fixed: Prop camera can look through the ceiling

-Fixed Ping in server browser for custom matches

Patch 0.7.1

The Halloween Event will be extended until November 29th.

This Update has such a big file size, because we did small changes to all maps.

Due to a fix to the Config system your selected Skins (Hunter and Witch) are resetted to default. This is only a one time issue and shouldn’t happen again.

We updated to Unreal 4.18.1 (the game should be more stable as a result of this)

However, if you encounter new crashes please send the crash dumps located at %localappdata%\WitchIt\Saved\Crashes as a Zip file to

and add a small description on when the crash did occur.

-Added a way to get rid of your spare ectoplasm: you can now craft random items out of them.

(There is even a small chance to get Summer Event Items.)

-Changed the lighting system of all maps. We are using volumetric lightmaps now. They will make the lighting between characters, props and environment more uniform and cost less cpu performance, but a bit more gpu performance.

-Changed: Adjusted lighting and fog settings of most maps.

-Changed Witch and Hunter Customization Screen. They are more fitting now.

-Changed: Removed experimental Vulkan support.

-Fixed: Accepting an invite via steam should now send you to the correct game.

-Fixed flickering ocean at the Island maps.

-Fixed a crash related to the sound volume sliders.

-Fixed easter egg props laying around in some layouts.

-Fixed bounciness of the chicken.

-Fixed: Screenshot key no longer crashes the game.

-Fixed: All key bindings showed “Not Set” sometimes when joining a game.

-Fixed: Enhanced bounce physics of several skin items.

-Fixed tomato brightness in shadow.

-Fixed a bug where the Oculus Rift interface will open when you start Witch It.

-Fixed the colors of the nameplates to the correct Hunter and Witch colors

-Fixed chest and barrow prop teleportation.

Patch 0.7.0

-Added ‘Sleeping Rose Cemetery’ Map with lots of new props.

-Added 24 new Halloween themed Skin items, which can be unlocked during the Halloween Event.

-Added 2 new skills: ‘Clingy Luaq’ for witches and ‘Vacuum Trap’ for hunters.

-Added trails to hunter potatoes so it’s easier to see them.

-Added a unique cursor.

-Changed: Witches will now drop at least 1 ‘Magic Dust’ after getting killed.

-Changed: ’Decoy’ will now spawn a random prop instead of the same prop the witch is controlling.

-Changed: Improved the handling of ‘Decoy’: Added outline to the decoy only visible for the owning player. Decreased friction of the decoy props to make movement with flat props smoother (book etc.). Further improved the controlling of decoys, when moving behind a wall.

-Changed ‘Magic Blocker’: Increased the range from 12 to 14, reduced the fly speed from 3000 to 2000 to improve recognition if it gets pulled by a witch. Adjusted the pull logic.The pull strength is now increasing while the ‘Magic Blocker’ is flying instead of being determined by the distance to the witch. It will now lose its target when reaching a certain distance to the witch.

-Changed: Updated outline shader; Improved visuals and costs less performance.

-Changed: Enabled anti speed hack system for dedicated servers.

-Fixed: ‘Magic Dust’ will not spawn from hunters after the round has ended.

-Fixed: ‘Fly’ sound will now stop when transform from witch into a prop.

-Fixed Spectator size. Spectators will always have the same size now.

Patch 0.6.2


-Added: Magic Dust. Magic Dust can be collected during a match and provides bonus XP. For Witches the Magic Dust will drop randomly during a game. If a Hunter catches a Witch, she will drop the amount of Magic Dust she collected so far, but without losing her own Magic Dust.

-Added: Bonus XP for a Win in Hide & Seek Mode

-Added new Level Rewards for certain levels.

-Changed: Level cap got raised to level 60

-Changed: Skill system got overhauled. It is now possible to use 2 skills instead of just 1. The skills are now splitted into the categories “Movement” & “Utility”. The player will be able to choose 1 “Movement” skill and 1 “Utility” skill. With default controls press [Q] for the “Utility” skill and [Right Click] for the “Movement” skill.

-Changed: Unified mana regeneration, now it is not determined by the skill anymore, instead, every witch has now a mana regeneration of 6 per second. Rebalanced mana cost of all skills according to the new mana regeneration.

-Changed skill unlock system: The skills are no longer unlocked per level but instead per rounds played. They are unlocked quicker now to give more gameplay options.

-Changed: Reduced the time until the mushroom cloud disappears from 4 to 3 seconds and reduced the time the hunter will be confused after leaving the mushroom cloud from 1.5 to 1 seconds.

-Changed: Added a passive to Body slam, so that hunters can jump 50% higher and have 600% more air control.

-Fixed: Outlines not showing up when objects are fully occluded

-Fixed: The Mushroom cloud is blocking the possess skill.

-Fixed: Possess through open doors is working now.

Patch 0.6.1.


The summer event has come to an end. Thank you for participating!

As the event has ended, now you are no longer able to obtain Iridescent Shards or Shells.

All your remaining Shards and Shells will be converted at the first time you start Witch It after patching. It may take a while so please be patient.

-Added: Localisation: German is the first new language option, more will follow in future patches (Skin Item names are not localized yet.)

-Added: It’s now possible to jump on ladders as a player controlled prop

-Changed: Updated to the Unreal Engine 4. 17.1. This might fix some smaller issues and increase performance

-Changed the distance at which you are able to transform into a prop. It’s now higher for bigger props so it’s easier to find a new prop to transform into


-Fixed stuck in environment: Hunters and Witches should no longer get stuck in the levels, if it’s still happening please tell us in the Discord Bug channel.

-Fixed: Games for 16 players are no longer displayed with 10/10 in the serverlist

-Fixed: It’s no longer possible to trigger the jump pad as a spectator



-Changed “Kula Kula Islands” middle area. It’s now accessible.

-Changed Event screen a bit.


-Fixed: 32Bit version is working again

-Fixed door issue in Grunewald Library

-Fixed several broken spots on both new maps

 Patch 0.6.0. (Summer Event)

-Added more than 50 new collectible summer items

-Added more than 30 new summer props

-Added 2 new Maps “Luakiki Paradise” and “Kula Kula Islands”

-Added Treasure Chest (Summer Shell) system (collect 6 Prismatic Shards to receive a chest, containing 2 Summer Event items)

-Added teleporters to ‘Grunewald at Night’ in the dead end hallways

-Added bot detection, if a hunter will not participate properly, the server will kick him at the end of the round.

-Added option to disable Idle kick in custom games (this includes bot detection as well).

-Added option to disable hunter stamina in custom games, so the host can decide if the hunter can spam potatoes.


-Changed: The Chicken skill and Spring Pads are now affecting the snow mask

-Changed the Rarity colors: 1. Common – grey 2. Uncommon – white 3. Rare – green 4. Very Rare – blue 5. Whimsical – pink ; A. Promotional – light blue

-Changed: Increased the idle time before kicking from 30 to 45 seconds.

-Changed: Optimization in physical collision detection, only props controlled by witch will use the complex collision detection (CCD) now.


-Fixed: Prop Camera clipping through the ground on ‘Fiskersted’

-Fixed: It should not be possible to block the spawn door with non witch props anymore.

-Fixed: Charge sound for melee should now scale with sound volume correctly.

-Fixed: Fly sound should be stopped now when transforming from witch to prop.

-Fixed: Decoy should now be scaled correctly.

-Fixed wall bouncing potato on certain surfaces.

-Fixed: Steam voice should now be completely disabled for now, there should be no “ghost voices” for one frame anymore when someone connects (It also might fix some performance hitches on AMD CPUs, please let us know about that).

-Fixed: According to DirectX crashes on some systems, a fix from the newest Unreal Engine version has been merged.

Patch 0.5.4.

-Added some shirts for you to collect.

-Added a delicious new hidden prop.

-Added mute player functionality, you can access it from ingame menu.

-Added option to disable chat in game settings. This is mainly for parents who want protect their children from offensive ingame chat.

-Added simple automated idle kick.

-Added a filter function to the server browser, you can filter by official and custom server.

-Added an experimental 32Bit Windows version support (does not work with AMD GPUs)

-Added a kill message when you get killed as a witch.


-Changed Morgenstund map: The visuals of the hole in the Start zone of Morgenstund are now fitting to the collision mesh. Additionally, we added rocks to the map to improve gameplay as well as visuals.

-Changed: Removed vote kick on dedicated servers. This is now intended to be replaced by other mechanics like mute player & automated idle kick. More improvements/additions are already planned (e.g. better experience calculation). On custom servers, the host can still start a kick vote.

-Changed: In the hide phase, damage is now disabled. Additional, skills will not affect the other team in negative way in hide phase (Chicken will not reveal witch, magic blocker will not block magic, mushroom cloud will not confuse hunter).


-Fixed “Visual C++ Redist not found” issue, by including the dlls directly into the game.

-Fixed Camera view when you possess into a hanging lantern.

-Fixed certain sound volumes like “Body Slam” and “Hook”. They were not affected by volume change.

-Fixed: Experience sound should not loop all over the time anymore.

-Fixed: Chicken should not block possess skill and decoy skill anymore.

-Fixed: Random timer should not restart anymore when player joins.

-Fixed Errors like “lost connection” or “idle kick” should show up correctly instead of one frame.

-Fixed Account XP sound looping after the match has already ended

-Fixed visibility settings on some broken materials.



-Added a simple sort function to the server list. You can now sort by server name, map, game mode, ping and player count by clicking on the appropriate head column.

-Changed the range of “Body Slam” from 3 to 4 on small impact, 4 to 6 on medium impact and 6 to 8 on large impact. Additionally, the damage got increased from 10 to 12 on medium impact and 14 to 18 on large impact.

-Fixed 0 HP display bug.

-Fixed: It’s not possible anymore to heal to full HP when using “Possess” skill as a witch.

-Fixed: “Body Slam” will now use a fixed offset.

-Fixed max level progression by hiding the progress bar and showing a label instead. Also, it should not be possible anymore to temporary exceed max level for the game session.

-Fixed: It’s not possible anymore, that multiple people can possess the same prop.

Patch 0.5.3

For this Patch, we focused on skills including 2 new skills and improvements to the existing skills

Skill Update:

-Added “Body Slam” skill for the hunter (unlocked at level 15). With this skill, the hunter can use his mass to deal AoE damage.

-Added “Possess” skill for the witch (unlocked at level 13). With this skill, the witch can become an existing prop, so that she will move directly to its location.

-Changed: Decoy will now spawn the prop you are currently mimicking.

-Changed: Decoy activation cost increased to 20, cost per second decreased to 4 and mana regeneration increased to 10 per second. Overall the decoy can now stay active for 20 seconds.

-Changed: Magic Blocker gets now pulled by magic like a magnet.

-Changed Melee Attack in various ways: Increased the cooldown to 0.5 seconds and added a charge, which can be used to push props and to hit witches hiding in corners which are difficult to reach for the hunter. Fixed the range, so it will now hit props which are really targeted.

-Fixed: It should not be possible anymore to use melee skill and throwing potato at the same time.


-Added a new death camera, which shows more clearly that you just got killed.

-Added volumetric fog to most levels. This improves visuals but decreases performance a bit. However, on low or medium settings it won’t be used.

-Added a Keybinding for the active skill, so you can rebind it.

-Added new Patchnote notifications, so you never miss a new patch.

-Added unlock levels to unlock item descriptions.

-Added a short blinking when the hunter hits a prop, so the player can clearly see which prop got checked.

-Changed Cheese collision to prevent it from getting under the map.

-Changed: Updated to Unreal Engine 4.16.2 which fixed e.g. the bouncing chicken.

-Changed: Countdown should not reset anymore on dedicated servers if someone joins.

-Fixed 0HP prop health. The number will not round down anymore.

-Fixed: Moved Notifications into its own savefile. As a result you have to click all your notifications for new items once more but never again.

-Fixed: Spectators can see witches in Mobification on dedicated servers.

-Fixed several item description errors.

-Fixed: Game messages should fade out correctly now.

-Fixed: Chest and barrow should work correctly for clients now.

Hotfix (20.06.2017)

-Added new Hunt a Hag Gamemode (still work in progress)

-Fixed the crash at the end of a round in random map cycle (if you still encounter a crash please send us the crashdumps found in %localappdata%\WitchIt\Saved\Crashes)

Patch 0.5.2 (15.06.2017)

We didn’t do too many changes this patch to see if there are new bugs because of the switch to the new unreal engine version.
-Added Steam Trading Cards (incl. Trading Cards, Badges, Backgrounds, Emotes)
-Added: Inventory Notifications. You will get a small icon if there is a new Item in your inventory
-Added: New Prop Layout for ‘Morgenstund’
-Added: New Prop Layout for ‘Grunewald at Night’
-Added: 3 New blacksmith Props
-Added several improvements to protect the game from unwanted modifications
-Added server name and player count to the ingame overview, so it’s easier to invite your friends to a specific server

-Changed: Updated to Unreal 4.16.1. This should fix several bugs and improves netcode.
-Changed: default state for smooth spectator cam. It’s now defaulted to not smoothed
-Changed: Improved initial loading times
-Changed Vote Kick Cooldown from 120 secs to 240 secs

-Fixed: various broken Map Spots
-Fixed Reward screen: It should now close correctly before the next round starts
-Fixed the “cheese under door” Glitch

Patch 0.5.1 (06.06.2017)

-Added first very rare Item
-Added music to the mainmenu
-Added tooltips for skin items
-Added “Tips” at the end of a round
-Added system to announce messages over dedicated server
-Added option to highlight witches as spectator in custom game

-Changed: As an attempt to prevent Ghosting we changed the visibility of witches for spectators on dedicated servers. It can still be enabled on player hosted games (custom game).
-Changed random player selection. You won’t be 4 times a hunter in a row anymore. Each time you are on one side, the chance of being the same side again is reduced.
-Changed the shuffle of Random Map Cycle, the chance is higher to get different maps now.
-Changed: Adjusted quickmatch to rather join dedicated servers instead of custom games.
-Changed: “Vote Kick” will now show the name of who initiated the kick. The reason text got replaced by a defined set of reasons. The time has been increased from 60s to 120s before the same user can start another vote kick. On custom games, only the host can start a vote kick.
-Changed the memory limit for dedicated servers from 300 Mb to 500 Mb, with this, the servers will last longer until they shutdown and restart.

-Fixed: Unlock Items and Random Drops are now working as intended
-Fixed Library map window collision
-Fixed many broken Map Spots
-Fixed: Skill unlock levels are now working as intended
-Fixed Skill names in reward screen
-Fixed: Server list showed games with 11/10 players etc. They are now greyed out.
-Fixed Random Map Cycle for dedicated server (please report if something is still weird there)
-Fixed loud rumble noise inside the Chummy Potato



-Fixed: Unlock Items and Random Drops are now working as intended

Version 0.5.0 Early Access:

-Added Witch Taunts (Keyboard 1 and 2)
-Added “Grunewald Library At Night” Map
-Added The Chummy Potato Inn to the Chummy Potato Map
-Added several new Prop Layouts
-Added Random Map Cycle option
-Added Player Icons
-Added lots of graphic settings
-Added all settings menus are ingame now
-Added Witch Skin Items
-Added more Hunter Skin Items
-Added Official Dedicated Servers
-Added Alpha and Beta Bonus Items

-Changed: Improved all UI Screens
-Changed Menu Map
-Changed: Updated all Fonts for better readability and also lower case support
-Changed: Player Level is now shown ingame

-Fixed several broken Map Spots

Version BETA:

-Added a new Hotkey to switch spectator smooth camera: current binding is “Y”
-Changed: Reduced Potato resource cost from 0.2 to 0.15
-Fixed melee skill: Hitzone is working as intended again

Version 0.4.3 BETA:

– Added: Re-enabled “The Chummy Potato” map.
– Added a Stamina system to the Potato Throw, so hunters cannot spam infinitely.
– Added a slight bounce to the potato e.g. to make it easier to hit props on tables.

– Changed confusion time of the Mushroom skill from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
– Changed the time the Mushroom skill area exists from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.
– Changed mana regeneration of the Fly skill from 20 mana per second to 10 mana per second.
– Changed the speed of the potato from 50 to 60.
– Changed the gravity of the potato from 0.5 to 0.3.
– Changed the potato spawn location, it will now fly more according to the crosshair.
– Changed several spots in “Morgenstund” including the Hunter start zone.

– Removed: As a hunter, you were able to see the player name of the witch, if you stood right in front of them (while the witch was turned into a prop). This has been removed.

Version 0.4.2 BETA:

– Added: The first map cycle is over. The playable, new maps are now “Grunewald Library” & “Morgenstund”.

– Changed: Removed the 2 existing maps to test balance and map bugs on the 2 new maps.
– Changed: For random team selection the game only starts automatically when at least 3 players are ingame.
– Changed: Reduced time until next match starts from 30 to 18 seconds.

– Fixed various spots in “The Chummy Potato”.
– Fixed speed and health of the small pumpkin.
– Fixed sound blast when using “Fly” skill.
– Fixed clamped velocity of the “Fly” skill.
– Fixed: Player count is now correctly displayed in the server browser.

Version 0.3.6:

– Added Hunter first person mesh and animation
– Added option to show ally witches (hidden by default in mobification)

– Changed the way how sleeping props are replicated, which should fix certain prop issues (some props are popping on interaction, wheelbarrow glitches etc.). This is an experimental change.
– Changed cooldown for transforming into other props from 0 to 0.5 seconds.
– Changed maximum amount of taunts per second to 1, stacking up to max 10 taunts if not used.
– Changed minimum resolution to 800×600.
– Changed: Increased the maximum bandwidth use per player on the server by 50%.
– Changed: Reduced chicken detection radius by 20%
– Changed: Reduced the movement speed of all props by 5%

– Fixed ping display: it should now show the correct ping
– Fixed: Hunters could sometimes see witches in hud in mobification mode
– Fixed house shader on low settings. Houses are no longer transparent on some Intel Gpus when settings are at low. It will still occur on higher settings. Updating the Gpu driver should fix this.

– Fixed transparent fade for flowerpots
– Fixed some spots in the Winter Dream map.(yes talking about the fence here)
– Fixed: Witches could transform into the same prop.

Version 0.3.5

– Added 3rd person camera to the Hunter. Default key binding is “T”.
– Added Mobification (Infection) Game mode.
– Added Max hunters option for random team selection mode.
– Added visual and audio notification when a phase is about to end.

– Changed Hunter skin back to default skin.
– Changed Winter Dream Map: removed the christmas theme.
– Changed: Removed standard prop layout of the map and have 5 layouts instead.
– Changed: reduced the health of the book.
– Changed: reduced hide time from 30 to 20 secs.
– Changed: increased search time from 3 to 4 mins.
– Changed pitchfork model.

– Fixed: Hunters were able to move under the map when the plank at the doors disappeared at the start of the seeking phase.
– Fixed more broken map hiding spots.
– Fixed jumping wheel on the barrow. If it’s still happening please let us know.
– Fixed: Reverted physical movement is being calculated on server only because it leads to Server sleep out of sync issues.
– Fixed: SteamVR is no longer starting when the game starts.

Version 0.3.4

– Added an experimental gamemode for more variety in gameplay. Select it in custom match.
– Added Fullscreen and VSync option.
– Added new easter egg props in random layouts.
– Added the option to sign up for the Holiday gifts in main menu.

– Changed: plate nerf: reduced health and speed also texture is now brighter.
– Changed: reduced apple and pear health.

– Fixed the glitch where hunters could look through the ceiling in start zone.
– Fixed map border areas where you could stand on an invisible wall

Version 0.3.3:

– Added new small Easter egg to the map (playable)

– Changed: plate is now a little bigger
– Changed physical movement is now being calculated on server only leading to less jitter on client.
– Changed several prop names

– Fixed various spots in the map (thx to Merez and his nice gif’s)
– Fixed game was not ending after last witch died.
– Fixed timer in random is not working properly.

Version 0.3.2:

– Added spam protection in chat.
– Added character limit in chat.
– Added closing chat by using escape.
– Added second bounce pad to the map.
– Added patch notes to mainmenu.

– Changed maximum amount of hunters to 4 in random team selection mode.
– Changed: temporarily removed hunter to hunter collisions to prevent bad player behavior
– Changed apple and pear size. Both are bigger now.
– Changed: disabled camera shaking and rolling in spectator mode.
– Changed maximum amount of players to 16 instead of 48 (sorry, but the experience really suffers with 48 players).

– Fixed deactivated player list (using tab) after joining into another game.
– Fixed lock function is being triggered when using shift if chat is open.
– Fixed timer for random team selection mode.
– Fixed game restarting if player leaves in team selection (especially in random team selection mode).
– Fixed many small hiding spots on the map.
– Fixed Music and sound volume saving.
– Fixed back button double click in KeyBinding settings.