Press kit

Witch It


  • Developer: Barrel Roll Games
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Development Time: started September 2016
  • Early Acces Release Date: May 31th, 2017
  • Platforms: PC (Steam, Humble Store), Xbox One (Q2 2019)
  • Price: $14.99 – €14.99 – £10.99
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‘Witch It’ is developed by a team of 4 people who worked many years in the games industry.


‘Witch It’ is a multiplayer hide & seek game. Where you Team up with your friends or other players to play hunters vs. witches. As a witch, you mimic props and hide yourself to survive the round. As a fearless farmer, you go prop hunting to hunt down all the suspicious props for the sake of a peaceful town.


  • 12 unique Maps
  • Over 350 different playable props
  • Physical based prop movement
  • Individual Skills for Hunter and Witches
  • 4 game modes(Hide&Seek, Mobification, Hunt a Hag, Fill a Pot)
  • Player progression system
  • Character customization system
  • 500+ unique Items
  • Steam Inventory for trading items
  • Crafting system
  • Dedicated Servers for EU, US, HK, and AUS
  • Ingame team chat

Early Access Trailer(New)

Direct download 1080P60.mp4

Steam Greenlight Trailer(Old)

Key Art

Witch It Key Art







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Feel free to cover ‘Witch It’ in any way you wish. Monetized or otherwise.