Early Access

The Witch It Early Access version is now available!

Witch It – the standalone Prop Hunt game is now available!

WITCH IT!! is finally here, and we hope you are as excited as we are for being able to experience a game that guarantees you all kinds of laughter, perhaps some raging frustration and… even swearing.

Game Mods define the future of games and ‘Witch It’ just gets the best of Prop Hunt.
This is a game where fantasy meets Hide & Seek with its own personal twist in the most entertaining, visually captivating, bizarre and fun way possible that we could come up with.
Expect often updates with skills, skins, levels, rewards, maps, and game modes as we plan to actively support and work on the game.

Garry’s Mod was the Grandfather of PropHunt, a brilliant game mod that on itself inspired the Prop Hunt genre. We all thank you for the inspiration GMod, you can now rest assured that the legacy of PropHunt you built will thrive and continue to get better through Witch It.

The game will put to the test your Sherlock Holmes-Like intuition to find disguised witches, you will question your friends’ honesty like in Cluedo. Your ingenuity to hide, your rapid thinking to escape, and even your nerves of steel when you are about to get caught.
All meanwhile you level up and obtain rewards, skills and experience to troll and deceive your opponents.

By the time you try Witch It, we hope that,  regardless of you being a PropHunt veteran or someone playing for the first time, this game will crack a smile on your face and keep you craving for more.
So keep calm, tell your friends and buy-it-now to unlock hours of fun so you can turn into a cheese like you have always secretly wanted to or throw greasy pizza slices at the witches, so what are you waiting for?

It was about time PropHunt got its own game.


Witch it

is a multiplayer hide & seek game. Team up with your friends or other players to play hunters vs. witches. As a witch you mimic props and hide yourself to survive the round.
As a fearless farmer you go prop hunting to hunt down all the suspicious props for the sake of a peaceful town.

Be part of this mystical but also humorous world, where you’ll find charming, peaceful towns of hardworking villagers, mysterious forests and magical witch houses.

Witch House sketches
Witch House sketches


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The Team behind

We’re a group of 5 people from Germany with almost a decade of experience in making games. Last year we started our own game studio. We enjoy different kinds of games and of course mods like Prop Hunt, which is why we decided to make this hide & seek game with its own twist.
Now we are working hard on our dream and are grateful for having enough room to give free rein to our creativity and passion.